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Shaken, NOT Stirred

Updated: Feb 11

“One medium dry vodka martini, shaken not stirred”

The Martini mentioned twice by Sean Connery in the 1962 James Bond flick.

It’s one of the most iconic alcoholic beverages dating back to the late nineteenth century. It comes in many forms and variations such as the Dirty martini, The Gibson, The Manhattan, The Boulevardier, The Cosmo and the above mentioned famous James Bond martini. One can consider it a fancy drink, a strong drink that only a few can stomach. Usually the more acquired of tastes.

How is it made, usually six parts or 3 oz choice of spirit, vodka or gin. Then one part or ½ oz vermouth. Shaken until it is chilly and icy, this allows the alcohol to be diluted and the concoction easier to consume. If one orders a martini stirred it is slightly stronger as the shaking process allows for the vermouth oils to break down a bit more and the ice creates a dilution. Whereas the stirring only chills the spirit and does not allow for the melding of alcohol and vermouth.

There are so many ways to make this iconic drink that one can become stumbled when making. I know I have and sometimes even after ten years of tending i still sometimes have to stop and think about it. For instance, a guest walks up and requests a very dry Hendricks Martini. A new bartender would proceed to make the request, six parts Gin then you second guess yourself, vermouth? It says extra dry, so you grab the bottle and your guest stops you before you can pour. You DO NOT add the Vermouth, a dry martini is basically 6 parts extra chilled gin served straight up. Wait a minute? Why wouldn’t they just ask for a chilled shot in a martini glass? Well, it’s not all that simple, the martini is, as mentioned above for the acquired drinker. To me it’s a fancy way to drink a very strong beverage. This recipe has changed over the years. The classic way is 6 parts spirit, 1 part vermouth. However the most common way it is made these days is, 6 parts spirit and a dash of vermouth rolled into the glass and dumped out. The allows the cut of the alcohol but doesn’t overpower the drink. I call this the millennial martini. Try it, your pickiest of guest will be pleased with this process I promise you. I got to the point of asking my guests if they liked vermouth or not because there are so many different recipes and I just want to make sure the guest is pleased, and I wanted them to come back again so I could make that money. More sales mean more tips, and every bartender is happy bout that!!

When I was working for BWW it was standard that we shook the martini about 1-2 mins until there was a icy outside of the shaker tin and ice crystals once it was strained into the glass. That was their standard, it was a bit annoying but it did make for a super chilled beautiful drink.

My favorite Martini is the classic, high proof Vodka, no vermouth or extra dry, extra dirty martini. I love the way the salty olive juice cuts out the bitterness of the vodka and the way those delicious olives taste soaked in the vodka towards the end of the drink. Offer me a blue cheese stuffed olive and we have a sort of orgasmic concoction that is a beautiful pair and I’m yours forever. So whether you like martinis or hate them, they are as mentioned one of the most iconic drinks made in the bar, as you become a more experienced drinker you may find you actually like them as well! Happy tending and shake that thing! Some of my favorite recipes to follow.

James Bond Martini

3oz high proof Vodka

.5 oz vermouth

Tin full of ice

Shake that baby!!

Strain into chilled Martini Glass and enjoy!

The Manhattan

2 oz Bourbon, Such as Bulliet

1 oz Sweet Vermouth

1 Dash Angostura Bitters

Combine all ingredients in shaker tin and STIR, DO NOT SHAKE! Strain into chilled Martini glass.

Top with Maraschino cherry and Enjoy!!

The Millennial Martini

3oz high proof Gin, (such as Hendricks)

Combine into shaker tin and shake that baby!

Take chilled Martini glass and pour small amount of Dry vermouth into glass and twirl, discard vermouth and strain shaken gin into glass. Top with 3 olives or a lemon twist. Enjoy

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