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Updated: Feb 11

A bartender. a person trained to pour and serve alcohol to patrons, all while monitoring the consumption level and learning the guest. But, I believe we are so much more, we are your therapist, your resolver of arguments, your person for knowledge and more importantly your friend. I think that to be a good bartender you need to have all or most of those traits. It's easy to pour a drink and make a recipe, but to be a good bartender you must be able to listen, gauge people and engage in people. If you hate talking then your going to be miserable.

Hey all, I am Alex. Wife of Tony and mother of two beautiful twelve year old girls; (I know, pray for me). I am 32 and have been a bartender since I turned 21! To be honest, I really enjoy bar-tending. I love the way that alcohol takes away all fears and allows a person to really open up. This can be good and bad, but mostly I feel like its a good thing. The truth really comes out.

I am an introvert by nature, bar-tending has allowed me to understand this and learn how to open up. People like to talk, tell stories, make you laugh, get your opinion on situations, and tell you what your doing wrong (my favorite). It is just what the job entails, if you can recognize this then you will be successful. So relax, open up, laugh, learn a few jokes and bar tricks. I'm telling you, you will make bank!

I'm not perfect or the best but there have been times where I've felt that I experienced everything there is behind the bar then, low and behold somebody throws a curve ball and there's a new experience or knowledge learned. It has taken me a long time to realize and accept this all though. I have been lucky enough to work at some of the most well known locations like “The happiest place on earth,” and in a lot of corporate environments. When I moved to Texas I got a job working for a small well known restaurant in Rockwall, Texas. Not corporate and ran completely different that what I have experienced the last ten years and I was not bar-tending which I hated! Nevertheless the money was great and like my Gramps always says "money makes the world turn." My current endeavor is new to me and it's taken some adjustment. I am selling alcohol like I always have but no longer from behind the bar but as a sales rep!

My bar-tending career started at a Chili's Bar and grill in Whittier CA! I tended bar there for about 6 years. Let me tell you, it was an adventure. I really learned the basics of bar-tending and experienced some of the things i will never forget. Like that time this man was mad at me because his Long island iced tea was not strong enough. My co bartender at the time Krystal helped me figure out that one, next time she said, just add more ice before you add the sweet and sour, it will taste stronger because there is less mixer. Keep in mind, I did not pour more alcohol. I just added less mixer. Worked every time after that and I never got another complaint about my long island again. Another good trick is to add a dash of gin straight into the straw, first sip is nothing but booze, makes the customer feel like they have a strong drink even though its a standard pour. People really don't need more alcohol, they need more patience!! Oh the tricks I learned.

The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences, favorite recipes, and laugh. I'm going to try my best to enable you all with the knowledge that I have acquired. I am not perfect and I definitely don't claim to know everything!

I'll end with a recipe;


(Long Island Iced Tea)

The Long Island iced tea is claimed to be invented by Robert “Rosebud” Butt, he supposedly invented the drink as an entry in a contest to create a new mixed drink to include triple sec (an orange liquor) in Long Island, New York in 1972. Another slightly different drink was invented in 1920 during the alcohol prohibition by an “Old Man Bishop” in a local community called Long Island in Kingsport, Tennessee. The drink contained equal parts of five liquors and maple syrup.

Recipe as follows

.25 oz Grey Goose Vodka

.25 Hendricks Gin

.25 Bacardi Rum

.25 Grand Gala

2-3 oz Sweet and Sour

Splash of Coca Cola

Fill collins glass with ice to the top

Pour all spirits using a jigger

Add more ice, the ice will have melted with the spirits

Add the sweet and sour

Stir and Splash Coca Cola

Top with a straw and garnish with a lemon

Voila, The Strong LIT!

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