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Here comes the Sun

Updated: Feb 11

Oh the glorious summer, beautiful long days and that gorgeous sun. Days at the beach, barbecues and all the fun that summer brings! Can you tell? I love the summer! Although my recent move to Dallas Texas has changed my mind a little due to the unbearable hot days during late July and august. Let me say, you can probably acquire some friends with a pool anywhere if you know how to make a good drink. Looking back on my days in beautiful sunny California, not too hot and not too cold. Just perfect and only a 30 minute drive to the beach and so many beaches to choose from too! Oh how I am missing it.

My absolute favorite summer drink is a glorious spicy margarita. I love tequila! You know tequila makes your clothes fall off, so it's perfect for those hot summer days. I do mean though assuming you have a bathing suit under your clothes. There are those times where you don't. Oh what fun! Don't worry, my favorite spicy margarita recipe below.

When I was at the happiest place on earth I often tended bar in the pools at the hotels during summer. I loved mixing and blending up drinks that cooled off our guests and made them magically happy. It was the best memories of working there, perfect days that were not too late. Tending the bar is hard especially those long nights but the summer was my favorite. In at 11 AM and off around sundown. Some days seemed long but for the most part it was amazing! I got a pleasure knowing I was helping take the edge off for the guests that were taking a break in between going to and from the parks. We would often get a mid afternoon rush about 2 PM, after the kids had a nap and before returning to the park to watch our famous fireworks. I was always there providing their parents their favorite summer libation. Some of the most popular summer drinks included, Mai Tais, Mojitos, Pina Coladas, Daiquiris, Margaritas, Miami Vices and Sangria! Something about those frozen concoctions that make people just happy! Often fruit filled and sweet! I provided a bit of natural energy they needed for a pick me up during the hot summer days and it allowed them to continue chasing their kids around all night long. I guess I don't just miss California but I miss working there too! 🧡

Below is my favorite recipe for a Mai Tai, fruity sweet and beautiful! Don't let this fool you, a few

will knock your socks off! A recipe you will find easy to make and your friends will love you for it!

Mai Tai


1.25 oz spiced rum such as Captain Morgan

.5 oz amaretto liquor

2.5-3oz pineapple juice

.25 oz grenadine

.75 oz Myers dark rum

(plastic hurricane glasses are great for pool settings!)


Fill hurricane glass or high ball glass with ice, pour spiced rum and amaretto liquor over ice, top

with pineapple juice and stir. Pour grenadine syrup down side of glass to float to bottom. Top

with dark rum floater, straw and pineapple slice for garnish! Enjoy!!

Spicy Margarita


2oz silver Tequila or Reposado, such as Don Julio

.75oz orange liquor such as triple sec or Gran Gala

2.5oz fresh lime juice

.75 oz agave nectar

1-3 jalapeno coins


Fill shaker tin with ice, pour all ingredients into tin and shake vigorously for at least 30 seconds.

Salt rim of highball glass, strain contents of tin over fresh ice and garnish with jalapeno coin and

lime wedge. Enjoy!

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